New BPL dredging pump

//New BPL dredging pump

In renovating its ECO line, in 2010 Mecbo decided to modernise an older project, the BPL.

This machine – which already existed as a dredging pump – was refined and improved by following customers’ recommendations and making the most of the experience gained with the earlier products.
The machine was also brought into line with modern-day standards and equipped with a full complement of controls and remote devices, making it highly appealing.

In 2016 close collaboration with a British customer led to further product improvements: weeks of testing highlighted the points where further refinements could be made and also confirmed the outstanding pumping power.

The BPL is available in various versions, with delivery rates from 40 m³/h to 90 m³/h and outlet pressures as high as 70 bar. It can be supplied together with power packs equipped with diesel engine or electric motor, making it fully independent whatever its final application.
The BPL can, in fact, be applied on earth-moving machinery to reach designated work areas or can be used in a stationary manner by equipping it with a loading hopper into which the sludge to be pumped away is poured.